Dodici Super Frame

The “Super” is the top, the top frame anybody riding fixed gear bicycle in the city might ever want or ever desire,this baby is stainless steel!
All stainless steel basic track frame, the only one available on the market, stainless steel weights like steel but can have thinner tubes, so this frame is even lighter than the leggero, you can leave it under the rain forever and it will never rust , this frame will never perish or corrode, is very precious so might be you will make it sleep beside your bad and not take the winter weather during nights and frosty seasons but still nothing will affect this frame.
The performance of a stainless steel is equalled only by titanium, but the brushed finish give this frame a wonderful full chrome look.
The geometry is the same as veloce and leggero,the best in our opinion!
Steel straight round tubes fork, low clearance , no brake holes, flat engraved crown head comes in white only.
Dodici engravings are on the rear bridge, on all the dropouts , on the fork head and on the bottom bracket.
The dodici logo is a 12 points star and is cut out in metal and welded to the steering tube.
All frame has an engraved unique serial number.
Made of XRc Columbus italian steel.
Is available in :brushed(chrome looking) with white fork only. 
49-51-53-55-57-59 size,seat tube, center to center.
1"threaded fork, 68mm english threaded bottom brackets and 31.6 seat post.