Elev8 bikes

Elev8 Bikes brings an all new design to bicycling. This new technology has been described as the “best innovation since the invention of the hand break.” Coupled with carefully selected components and frame features, the Elev8 bike gives you a safer, more comfortable, more enjoyable ride.
Starting and Stopping
Using a Suspa Gas spring and a hand activated control, the rider can raise and lower the entire seat and top-tube. This allows you to start and stop with your feet firmly on the ground which makes riding safer because it decreases the chances of tipping over.
Seat Height
The ability to change your riding position (seat height) while pedaling also lets the rider get the ideal leg extension to protect knees and to help make cycling more comfortable, efficient, and ergonomic.
The Elev8 frame design puts the rider in an “upright” riding position for comfort. This position reduces pressure on rider’s wrists and also places the spine in a neutral riding position.
Having an seat that can be raised and lowered while riding lets the rider control knee angle during pedaling. Having optimal knee extension makes riding less painful and more comfortable.
The Elev8 bike also includes front and rear suspension which helps absorb vibration and bumps making your ride smoother.
Sitting more upright on a bike, as you do on an Elev8, allows you to see your surroundings better. Sitting up can also increase your visibility to other road and bike path users.

Elev8 Bikes- 60 Seconds from Elev8 Bikes on Vimeo.