Form Cycles Viaje


A performance touring bike that can handle cargo, mud, snow and cobblestones. We have many different options for the commuting bike.  Pounding the pavement, jumping curbs and high-tailin’ it into work or just the coffee shop - the Viaje will deliver.  This is a bike designed to be comfortable while still earning you some style points with the endless array of customization.


      - WHEEL SIZE: Comes in 700c wheel size. 650c (good for five foot and under riders) is an option 
      - FORK: Designed around standard steel commuter fork geometry
      - FRAME: Standard cable routing comes as top-mount with a seat tube pulley for easier shouldering and keeping cables out of
       the elements 
      - FRAME OPTIONS: Cable routing changes, geared or horizontal drops, PRESS-FIT 30 or BB30, rack mounts, and bottle
      - FINISH: Powdercoat color choice/selection on steel; Brushed or Sand-blasted finish for Titanium