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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heartland Triple Crown

Welcome to the Heartland Triple Crown. A best of three race series featuring the three premier ultra races on the UMCA calendar.

Our hope is that this series will bring excitement back into ultra cycling with more “head to head” competition. Same courses, same weather, same challenges. This series might just give the tortoise a chance to outdo the hare with consistent finishes. We also hope to breathe some new life into ultra cycling by offering a simple and cost effective way to participate.
The objective of the Heartland Triple Crown is form a regional series between the established 3 ultra races of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. All three races have the same basic format of a fixed time race over a multi loop course. The 3 races are well spaced out on the calendar with spring, early summer, and late summer dates. Plenty of time to train, recover, and pursue other passions in life.
The 3 races have teamed up to give racers the most economical way to participate in an ultra style series without breaking the budget. Because all of the races can be done in a self supported manner, we feel that this levels the playing field for those that don’t have the recourses to bring a crew with them. With gas headed to $4+ a gallon by summer, having a centrally located series will mean that racers won’t have mortgage the house to compete. 
There is no entry fee to participate in the Heartland Triple Crown, all that is required is that you register for each race and you log at least the minimum race mileage that each race specifies. This is a true best of 3 series; those that log race mileage at the 3 races will earn season end recognition. You can enter the class at any of the events that is also part of the UMCA’s Ultra Cup. For Calvin’s Challenge, that would be the 100 mile TT, the 6 hr or 12 hr race. For the National 24 hour Challenge, they only offer the 24 hour race. The Ultra Midwest offers a 6, 12, and 24 hour race.


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