Kelly Cox Gets 9.5 Years for Killing Cyclist [via Ohio Bike Lawyer]

By: Steve Magas, March 10, 2012
On May 23, 2011, Kelly Cox was driving her Chrysler Pacifica along Rapids Road near Chardon, Ohio… while drunk… very drunk…with kids in the car…  She ran into, and killed, Geauga County Judge Chip Henry.  Regular readers here know that I’ve written a good bit about this case already – and won’t reiterate what I’ve writtenherehere and here.

Cox was charged with a number of crimes – the most serious being aggravated vehicular homicide. Since she failed to stop, drove to her home, dropped off her kids and returned, she was charged with a felony –  leaving the scene as well as child endangerment.  She plead not guilty to all charges and filed a motion to challenge the drug testing – testing which indicated she was driving was an amazingly high BAC of 0.284%.  The case was set for trial.  Prior to the trial she withdrew the motion.
On the morning of trial, negotiations got under way and Cox ended up pleading guilty to a number of crimes, including aggravated vehicular homicide.  Following that plea, I suggested that YOU, readers, could become involved by sending letters to the prosecutor expressing your views on sentencing – many of you did as some 80 letters were received.
Cox plead guilty… but… let’s just say she was STILL less than forthcoming when she told the court she was pleading guilty.
Below is the transcript of the plea hearing from January 23, 2012.  On pages 19-20 you can read what Ms. Cox told the court about the crash… and her “drinking.”  She indicated she had had “a glass” earlier in the day… yet somehow blew a 0.284% after killing the judge.  You can watch Ms. Cox here.

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