By: Steve Magas, March 12, 2012
Jerry Walling and Roger Brislawn do what many, many cyclists around the country do – they sit on the Bicycle Advisory Committee of their community.  They never dreamed that accepting this role, and reviewing bike crashes, would lead them to the brink of “large fines and imprisonment...”

These “BAC’s” are numerous in Ohio – and around the country.  They are generally defined in some way by City Council in the city charter or other official documents.  Folks who sit on these Advisory Committees are generally knowledgeable but not experts – certainly not engineers – and may be appointed because of their cycling experience and knowledge.  These Committees typically look at problem areas, roads and intersections and make recommendations to the City to help make cycling safer in the community.
Jerry and Roger are both experienced Committee members.  In Beavercreek, the “Bikeway Advisory Committee”  was established by City Council in 2000 through the passage of a City Ordinance which described the purpose of the Committee: “To facilitate non-motorized travel within the City by advocating the proper planning and implementation of non-motorized improvements.”  The Committee has a long history of working with City Council and is featured prominently on the City’s website.

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