Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - Major Update In Progress [MORPC]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The bikeway system begins at Chaper 3.5 here:
Draft Plan
Please submit any comments to MORPC, 111 Liberty Street, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or by email to Andrew Taylor at by April 13, 2012.

The draft 2012-2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is now available for public review and comment until April 13, 2012. Please access the plan and appendices through the links below:
Chapter IPurpose and Development. This chapter is includes an overview of the planning process and the goals, objectives, and targeted performance measurements on which the plan is based.
Chapter II: Trends. This chapter includes land use forecasts for the year 2035, including population and employment. This information is used to establish anticipated deficiencies of the transportation system.
Chapter III: System Development. This chapter introduces strategies to expand the various elements of the transportation system (roadways, freight, aviation bikeways, pedestrian ways) to accommodate the growing travel demand.
Chapter IV: System Management. A discussion on ways to ensure the existing system is maintained and operated as efficiently as possible.
Chapter V: Demand Management. Ways to reduce congestion by reducing the amount of automobile traffic on the transportation system.
Chapter VI: Strategies and Projects. A full listing of strategies identified to achieve the plan goals through transportation related activities. It includes specific transportation projects and an overview of the impact from the projects on air quality and disadvantaged populations. Also view an interactive version of the project map at Interactive Map of Projects. An 11x17 version is also available for download, as well as the accompanying lists of mapped and unmapped projects.
Chapter VII: Plan Monitoring. An overview of how the targeted performance measures will be monitored.