MOTOREX bicycle products

In business for over 90 years, MOTOREX is the largest independent crude oil refinery in Switzerland. It is headquartered in Langenthal in the heart of Switzerland. MOTOREX is active in research, development and production of innovative lubricants and chemicals, which are established on the world market. At the present time, the complete MOTOREX product range includes well over 2,000 products. 

More than 220 highly motivated employees are behind the incomparable MOTOREX products. Every day, experienced tribology specialists, engineers, chemists, technicians and marketing specialists devote their efforts to helping MOTOREX maintain its position as a market leader.

Our environmental policy covers all areas of our BUCHER-MOTOREX group of companies and runs like a "green" line through our entire process landscape. We develop, sell and produce MOTOREX products which are safely produced, safely used, safely recycled and safely disposed of. During the production, storage, sale and use of our MOTOREX products we minimize the impact on both man and the environment. Every day, we work to produce as little waste as possible, to preserve resources and keep emissions as low as possible. It is our aim to continuously improve safety, health and environmental protection. We have taken up these challenges as a matter of policy, irrespective of whether or not these are covered by statutory obligations or conditions imposed by authorities.

MOTOREX USA is based in Golden Valley, MN just west of Minneapolis. Our US employees include customer support, warehouse, sales and marketing staff who proudly sell the MOTOREX line to distributors, dealers and customers in the US. 

MOTOREX is used by top factory teams worldwide, by independent pros and by top amateurs who demand the best performance from their race machines. The complete MOTOREX line includes a broad range of synthetic engine oils, lubricants, aerosol sprays, cleaners and care products for bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs. MOTOREX is available at dealerships nationwide. For more product info go to

Bike Easy Clean Degreaser
Easy Clean is a chain and parts degreaser that is aggressive on grease and dirt, yet safe on components and finishes. It is available as an aerosol spray or a liquid. It effectively cleans the chain, cogs, and components. Its base solvent is safe on the internal chain rollers and pins and also derailers, shifters, cables, bearings, etc... A unique feature is that its solvent base is compatible with the MOTOREX lubes -- so you can lube the chain right after degreasing. Most degreasers or general solvents need to dry completely before you lube because they will degrade the lubes. It is also biodegradable.