National Bike Summit opens with fireworks from Bikesnob [BikeBiz]

But there was no kickback from members of the League of American Bicyclists over the proposed merger with two other bike orgs.
With a record 800 delegates in attendance, the US National Bike Summit started today in Washington DC.
Tomorrow there will be a keynote speech from Ray LaHood, the US Secretary of Transportation. The keynote speech at today's opening meeting of the League of American Bicyclists was given by Eben Weiss, aka Bikesnob. He plugged his new book, The Enlightened Cyclist, a comic, yet serious, take on bicycle transportation.
He said commuting by bike was the "most dynamic aspect of cycling today" and "it's the one aspect of our lives where, on a daily basis, we're exposed to fighting with strangers. And death."
However, by acknowledging this "maybe we can make conditions a little better," he said.
"Riding a bike is a beautiful thing."