November Wheels

813g front / 977g rear / 1790g pairRim: Full carbon fiber with molded brake surfaceRim Depth85mmBrake Track Width: 21mmRim Weight: 575g
Rim Style: 
Clincher  Spokes: Sapim Laser, 20/24 (CX-Ray upgrade available)Build: Radial Front, 2x Drive / Radial Non-Drive Rear. Handbuilt in the USA.
Novatec with Japanese sealed EZO bearings. Also available with premium hubs.
You actually don't need this wheelset.
Let's be clear on that - wheels this deep are more susceptible to wind than our 58s or the 38s, less suitable for for hilly courses or technical crits where a lighter rim will save energy and spin up more quickly, and less forgiving on rougher road surfaces.
But good lawd are they fast. At 85mm of pure unadulterated speed, you won't just roll - you'll roul. And if you're of the fast-twitch set, you'll be glad to have this kind of stiffness transferring your formidable power to the final 200M of pavement. 
If you can justify the luxury of an 85mm wheelset, we hope you'll buy ours. And that you'll race against someone else. 
RFSC 85s include:
  • Rim tape
  • Skewers
  • Carbon-specific brake pads 
  • Removable core valve extenders (the nice valve extenders, not the cheap ones that leak)
  • Valve extender install tool
  • 3 lightweight tbes with removable valve cores
  • Also available with premium hubs.