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Friday, March 9, 2012

NY Post Blames Bike Lanes For Bad Business On Broadway [Gothamist]

That darn pesky bike lane (juleskills's flickr).
The Wall Street Journal may have announced earlier this summer that the bikes have won but don't tell that to the paper's scruffy sibling the Post. That tabloid, like some Upper East Side community boards, thinks the battle is still on and today anti-bicycle zealot Steve Cuozzo has posted another report from the front line: Broadway between Columbus Circle and Times Square, where the bike lanes are supposedly murderingbusinesses.
Though murder is probably too strong of a word, even if Murdoch's minions used for their headline, as Cuozzo doesn't cite any actual closures. What he does cite are a handful of business owners who tell him "in guarded but passionate terms" of "lost business they may never be able to recoup." For instance Stephen Hanson, whose restaurant group B.R. Guest owns Ruby Foo's at Broadway at 49th Street, complains that the paths and the pedestrian arcade that came with them have "hurt our business there tremendously. There's no walk-by traffic we used to have at night, because everybody's in a mad dash to get to the central arcade area."


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