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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Original Plastic Bike [via First Flight Bicycles]

From the brochure
The Original Plastic Bike is the world's first and only plastic bicycle.
Its frame, fork and handlebar, front & rear hubs, freewheels, chain wheels, derailleur system, caliper handbrakes and chain are completely produced from this patented engineered plastic (more properly called engineered structural resins).
Because of its unique design (unibody construction) and strength of this revolutionary plastic, it is structurally stronger than steel.  The frame alone will support a fully equipped automobile.
Because of the self-lubricating qualities of this patented plastic, maintenance and breakdown is virtually eliminated.  It requires no grease or oil.
The OPB is also equipped with newly designed reflectorized tires, giving it a safety feature no other bike can offer.
The OPB weighs less than 17 lb., making it ideal for the racing enthusiasts.  This bike is truly no toy.
It comes in 6 colors and 3, 5 or 10 speeds.  The color on the OPB is not exactly on the bike.  It's in it.  The color is actually embedded in the plastic at the time of molding.  It will never chip, discolor or rust.  The colors are green, blue, red, yellow, white and black.
You also have a choice of speeds 3, 5 or 10. (In sizes 26 and 27 in.)  The freewheels, chain wheels and derailleur system allows you to maximize gear ratio with optimum transmission.
Now enough talk.  Take a look on the opposing page at the greatest bicycle since the bicycle was invented.
We would venture a wild guess that if you were shot with a 45 caliber bullet at 25 paces the results would be quite damaging.  Unless you were an OPB of course.  Little things like bullets don't bother it much.  And if you were to drive 11,000 lb. of weight over you, beat you brutally with sledgehammers, pour sulfuric acid all over you, and submerge you in salt water for a few months, to say the least, it would probably hurt you.  Sometimes it just pays to be a plastic bicycle.   Our bikes will withstand temperatures of 30 below0 to 500 F, which is probably more than most human beings can withstand.  But there is one more thing you can be thankful for as a human being.  You won't ever have to go through the torture we put our plastic bike through.


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