Plans ‘in place’ to reduce OSU’s footprint [Lantern]

Colleen Carey / Lantern photographer
OSU recently narrowed 17th Avenue (pictured above) and Woody Hayes Drive to discourage cars on campus, and encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic.As one of the largest public universities in the country, Ohio State is taking steps to be a walking, environmentally consistent campus.
At a Feb. 6 editorial board meeting, President E. Gordon Gee told The Lantern his goals are to develop a small footprint for the university and to have LEED-certified buildings.
"Those (plans) are all very much in place," Gee said in the meeting.
Some student organizations are taking action to help with these green goals.
Olga Ovchinnikova, president of the Students for a Sustainable Campus, said its main project this quarter is the "Green Buckeye" certification for classrooms.
"This would be a certification for faculty who want to make their classroom experience more sustainable for students by doing things such as limiting printing or encouraging sustainable practices in every day activities," Ovchinnikova said.
Students can sign the Green Pledge on the organization's website, and they will then receive monthly tips to help be more green in their everyday life.