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Several years ago, I decided to see how feasible it would be to change my daily mode of transportation from car to bicycle.  Living in a rural area makes for great recreational riding, but creates challenges for hauling groceries and “stuff”, as well as getting to appointments and places in town.  For the time being, I am using this blog is to chronicle my experiences of biking and trying to live a little bit ‘greener’ – through words and photos … including the advantages and the pitfalls, things seen along the way, and riding adventures from here to there.
Want to know a little more?  Well, I am now 49 50 51 years old, happily married since 1985, mother of four amazing young men.  We are an active, outdoor-loving family – we enjoy cycling, snow skiing, hiking, and camping.  I also like to swim, knit, read, journal/draw, and play around with several other hand-crafts.  Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family – we are a rather nutty bunch most of the time, and it is always a laughter-filled adventure.
I ride a “collection” of bicycles: a Specialized Dolce road bike (customized), a Surly Long Haul Trucker/Xtracycle customization, a Globe Live3, a Specialized Hardrock mountain bike, and occasionally an eZip Trailz electric bike.    The Dolce and the Xtracycle see most of the action.
People have asked me about my camera(s) and my photography.  Although I have sold (and otherwise shared/published/bartered) a few shots with a few interested parties, I consider myself a dedicated hobbyist only.  However, the images that appear here and on my Flickr are protected by Copyright; if you’d like a copy something, please just ask.  My cameras include a Canon 7D, a Lumix DMC-ZS1, a Leica D-Lux 4 and an iPhone.  I won’t go into my lens selection, but I am a fan of Canon’s L-series Prime lenses.
I do still own a car, despite my wish to be able to live car-free.  My pretty efficient little Toyota MR2 Spyder along with my Vespa allow me get to places I can’t make it to by bike, and transport other people (at least the ones not willing to ride on the back of my Xtracycle).
Where am I? Well, let’s just say rural southeastern Tennessee – living on the “Funny Farm” with the family, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 goats, unknown number of turtles, and a few too many dumb ducks.  That’s my story - [shebicycles]


  1. I too am trying to change my daily mode of transportation. I haven't gone the multi-bike route though. I've got just the one - a folding bike. I sometimes drive with it, sometimes take the bus with it. It really allows me a lot more flexibility in getting around than I would have imagined before I tried it out.


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