Sogreni Old Shatterhand - Male

Old Shatterhand - Male

Starting at: €1,599.00
Old Shatterhand is the older brother of Young Shatterhand. The classic design makes this bicycle the choice for a lawyer, a businessman or maybe just the gentleman who wants to ride a classic bike without too much fuss. This bike will not help you turn, it will not reveal its power unless you ask for it - but it will happily follow your instructions if you take control. When you get to know it, it will turn into a reliable friend, and the Old Shatterhand is known for working without any problems or hiccups for years and years to come.
The wheels are 700C-size, meaning that this bike is excellent for taking longer trips, escaping the city and going into the countryside. A classic tour bike. If you plan to bring your child along, this is the model we recommend for mounting a child’s seat on the handlebars. Very Scandinavian thinking, very safe and the best way to keep an eye on your child when riding, instead of placing the child behind you, where your little 'Peter' or 'Christina' just will spend the whole trip staring into Daddy’s or Mummy’s back. In Søren Sögrenis words:
Some people say the Old Shatterhand looks a little like a classic Raleigh bike from the 30s. I wanted to design a real reliable, hard-working friend, and it came out brilliantly.

How to purchase the Old Shatterhand

Before you purchase an Old Shatterhand, we would like you to customize it a bit first. Pick a size, number of gears, colour and a few other options, and you're ready to go! If you have any questions regarding how to purchase a bicycle, don't hesitate to call us at +45 33 12 78 79 or contact us by email.