Want A New Bike? Check One Out From The Library [FastCompany]

Want A New Bike? Check One Out From The Library

London’s mobile bike library is an old-school version of the modern bike share. To try a new ride or get one for the day all you need to do is talk to the librarian.
Ever want to try that new electric bicycle zipping around town, a folding bike, or maybe that rugged looking cargo bike? At London’s Bicycle Library, the librarians are actually bike experts and the books are bicycles, and they invite any patron to come in and check out their bikes.
It works as if you were checking out a book (although a deposit is required), and you get the experience of a traditional library (there are actual books and magazines on the art of cycling), along with a test track to see how you like the ride you’ve chose.

The librarians provide on-site expertise to teach you about the art and science of bicycles. There’s even a bicycle matchmaking service where a librarian can match you with your true love on two wheels. Given that you can choose from folding, MiniVelo, "fixies" (Fix Gear Single Speed), Ladies Coaster, Mens Coaster, cargo, and electric bicycles, there’s no excuse for not finding something that works for you.
Can’t ride over to the library on a bike you don’t own yet? That’s okay. The whole library is housed in a double-decker bus that moves all around London. Happy trails.