Women In Cycling: Why We Matter [girl • bike • love]

Bina Bilenky-Trahan and her cherished Bilenky Bike - photo courtesy of Justin Trahan
I learned a long time ago that when you want to create change or incite a movement, you must know why.  You must  also be able to communicate that why.  Because when you do, things happen.  Change comes about from inspiring ideas.  From those inspiring ideas comes the how – hope, motivation and commitment to action.  From that action comes change.
It’s kind of like pedaling a bike.  To begin, you need the why.  Because it’s fun, because I want to go somewhere, because it makes me feel good, because I can…
With the first pedal stroke comes hope.  I can have more fun if I keep pedaling, I can go somewhere if I keep pedaling…


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