100 spots added to the PEDAL PALE ALE Keg Ride this Saturday

With nearly 500 riders set to follow kegs of GOOD BEER around the city this Saturday, procrastinators will find themselves without a chance to join the fun. Sweeping in to aid of busy people everywhere, brewer Scott Smith scoured the new brewery for extra registrations. With the new brewery under construction it's easy to misplace 
items behind gigantic fermenters and mountains of grain. Scott Smith commented, "I just found 100 spots behind the new brewhouse, I knew they were around here somewhere."

Even with extra capacity the ride will still sell out online soon. Registration will end when all of the spots are filled or at 6pm this Friday night, whichever comes first. Remember, there will be NO DAY-OF registration.
  • Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012
  • Time: 9:30-10:30am sign-in, 11am departure, arrival at Desination likely between 12 and 1pm
  • Starting Point: East End Brewing Co. (new location at 6580 Frankstown Ave, Pgh, Pa 15206)
  • Destination: You've gotta ride to find out!
  • Distance: 6-10 miles
  • Pace: Gentle.  Remember that part about people pulling a keg?
  • Return trip: Sorry folks, you're on your own.
  • Registration: Sign up online and then show up between 9:30-10:30am at the brewery. No need to print out a ticket or receipt, your name will be on the list. Just make your way to the registration table to collect your drink coupon. Then mingle and make new friends as we prepare to leave at 11am.  Early Bird = $20, Regular = $25  (Remember, you get to keep the pint glass) Early Bird registration is over, but you better sign up now before the ride sells out.
  • Ride is limited to 600 riders. There will be NO day-of registration.
  • Click here to register
WANT TO REALLY PARTICIPATE?  PULL A KEG!  Yes, you can have the honor of riding at the front of the pack, and scoring one of the very first glasses of PEDAL PALE ALE served this season.  Of course, you'll need to work for it - and pay for it too. For the tidy sum of $250, you can guarantee a slot at the head of the pack.  Just drop an email to seth at bike-pgh.org, and the first person to make payment gets to pull a keg to our undisclosed location.

VOLUNTEER: To help handle the crowd, BikePGH is still looking for a few more volunteers. If you are an early riser and would like to volunteer this Saturday, email Seth Gernot at seth at bike-pgh.org. Volunteers will be required to be at the NEW brewery by 9am.