4 Bike Laws You May Not Know About [active.com]

Cyclists are protected by—and obligated to adhere to—many laws. But while most of them mirror vehicle laws, it's easy for some rules to get lost in translation because, let's face it, bikes and automobiles aren't exactly alike.
Add to it the fact that all 50 states have different laws pertaining to cyclists, and it's easy to see how misinformation and ignorance can come into play as it pertains to the legal rights and responsibilities of cyclists.
The book Bicycling and the Law by Bob Mionske does a great job of dissecting all aspects of the subject, from legal rights, traffic stops, defective bikes, bike theft and more. The book goes through many common and uncommon instances of cycling and the law intersecting.
Here are four of the most interesting—and misunderstood—bike laws the book touches on.