Cyclists, motorists just need to pay heed [The Dispatch]

Editor's Note: The OSU campus area the highest concentration of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Ohio, especially at Lane and High. Yay Bikes! recognized the need for bicycle education and is leading the way on OSU campus with How We Roll.  Join them for monthly Year of Yay rides that are both fun and educational, not only for cycling education but learning about the city.

COURTESY OF SALAS SANCHEZ-BENNASARBicyclist Salas Sanchez-Bennasar was hit by a truck near OSU.By  Theodore Decker
The Columbus Dispatch Sunday April 1, 2012 6:20 AM
If Salas Sanchez-Bennasar could ride a bicycle safely on the streets of New York, she figured she could handle N. High Street.
So when she was cautioned while borrowing a bike for a trip from her temporary Clintonville home to the Ohio State University campus and back, she listened to the advice but doubted that she had much to worry about.
“I ride my bicycle in Brooklyn all the time,” she said. “I should have no problem here.”
Witnesses say that what happened shortly after midnight on Feb. 18 was not the fault of Sanchez-Bennasar, 32, a New York doctoral student of philosophy who was in Columbus for several weeks to work on her dissertation. She was hit from behind by an SUV or pickup truck whose driver kept going. She was left with a broken hip and shattered facial bones.
Cycling advocates say they are thankful that crashes like the one that injured Sanchez-Bennasar remain uncommon in central Ohio. But as the temperature rises, so does the frequency of bicyclist-vehicle crashes, statistics show.