You, our loyal customers and readers, have been telling us that we should do our own coffee blend for some time. Since our brand image and logo is based on our personal love for strong coffee and the indelible link between cycling culture and coffee drinking, this is a reasonable request. It would have been easy to run to the nearest coffee roaster, buy a bunch of bags and print up some labels. This would have been the quick and easy way, but not in keeping with the other aspects of our company. Any coffee blend bearing the Embrocation name needs to be special.

Enter our team rider and friend at JDK Design, Steve Francisco, who suggested we contact Mané Alves at Vermont Artisan Coffee. Mané isn't any average roaster; he's a world-renowned coffee expert, hired by many of the biggest coffee companies in the land to help them make and perfect their blends. He's like a coffee professor and artisan rolled into one, and he supplied us with this blend, which per our request is specifically roasted for use in a stove-top moka pot espresso maker.
Each can contains one pound of special dark espresso blend coffee whole beans. The cans are vacuum sealed to preserve the flavor of the beans indefinitely. Per Mané's suggestion, we recommend a moka pot espresso maker for preparation, but this blend will work equally well in a french press or other fine coffee maker.