Columbus Bike Fancy

  Ever wonder who that guy or gal is whizzing by on the loaded up commuter? The jewel-toned fixed? Sidewalk mountain-biker? How about that spandexed spaceship-headed guy with the machine perfect calf muscles?

Well, Cherie Snyder is eager to tell you.

  Cherie is new to road cycling, she only first ventured off of the sidewalks a mere year ago or so. Now she scoots around town bike betwixt her legs, the night just seeming too abrupt within a car. To Cherie, one of the highlights of city cycling is the brief small talk with fellow cyclists at stoplights, checking out their gear, and having camaraderie for a few miles with an absolute stranger, until you both turn your separate ways (or someone runs a light).
  This forthcoming bi-weekly piece won’t replicate this feeling, nor will it be a complete rip-off of the inspiration ( Instead the intent is to familiarize the reader with his or her fellow bike fanciers. People who love their bikes.

Introducing, Columbus Bike Fancy. 

Photo by Liz Samuelson, Fulcrum Creatives


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