Free Ride Pittsburgh

Collective Structure

Free Ride is a collective organization with multiple levels of membership. The collective is volunteer run and has a flat, non-hierarchy, structure. The collective structure means that individuals who use Free Ride are responsible for keeping it running and in return share the benefits of ownership.
Involvement varies for each Free Ride participant. Many participants volunteer when they can but do not contribute on a regular basis. Other participants are heavily involved in the inner workings of the Free Ride organization. Most participants find their participation somewhere in between the two extremes.

Collective Council

The collective council is the governing body responsible for major decisions at Free Ride. Membership in the collective council is open to anybody as long as collective council requirements are met. The collective council meets monthly and often breaks work out into sub-committees to deal with more nitty gritty details.


Free Ride has formed several sub-committees to address specific areas that the collective council can not fully address at monthly meetings. Although committee members are usually also council members, participation in committees has no requirements and is open to everybody.




Shop organization, maintenance, stocking.


Designs and administers youth & adult classes


Smooth & effective communication among free ride users, members, and council. Includes in-shop tools, online tools, public outreach, and volunteer training.


Organize & maintain systems to keep finances legit and provide planning information to the collective.
Each committee has regular meetings to discuss its work. Meeting dates and agendas should be posted in the shop and on our wiki,
If they are not, visit the website or the shop to find committee contact info.