Heritage Bicycles General Store

Heritage Bicycles General Store was an idea, and it would have stayed that way if owner Michael Salvatore didn't take the leap into entrepreneurship. After spending three years helping establish Bowery Lane Bicycles (BLB) in New York City with partners Sean Naughton and Patrick Benard, Michael wanted to bring these beautiful bikes to his home town, Chicago. As a fifth-generation Chicagoan, he decided to not only bring BLB's Breukelen and Broncks line to the Windy City, but to also add Daisy, the first offering from the Heritage line.

The environment and our community are important to us. So that is where we start every project.
There is an obvious reduction of carbon emissions when we choose to bike instead of drive, but we are further decreasing our carbon footprint by keeping our bike manufacturing here at home. Our eco-friendly bikes are built with American steel, welded and assembled locally. Chicago hasn't seen a locally fabricated bike since the '70s, when Schwinn left.
We're here changing that.
So when you ask yourself what kind of bike you want, here's a good answer:
Fashionable, yes.
Practical, yes.
Comfortable, yes.
Sensible, definitely.