How cities fail their cyclists in different ways [The Guardian]

Share your nominations for cycling no-hoper cities, and others which simply could do better

Bike Blog: traffic in Hong Kong
A pedestrian shields herself from traffic fumes in Hong Kong. Photograph: Mkle Clarke/AFP/Getty Images
It's an intermittent, and probably fair, complaint that this blog can get a bit negative. I'm hoping to counter that, through a roundabout and slightly contradictory method, with a backhanded celebration of the fact that the UK isn't always such a bad place to be a cyclist – that is to say, there are plenty worse.
A recent trip took me to two cities which, in their own ways, have significantly more limited cycling cultures. They fall into two distinct camps, so I'll treat them separately. I'd be very happy to hear your views on both places, or other towns and cities where the cyclist faces a (metaphorical) uphill struggle.