LA debuts “Tu Familia” Bike Safety PSA [LACBC]

These "Tu Familia" posters, designed by Aaron Kuehn with input from LACBC's City of Lights volunteers, LADOT, and R.E.I., remind motorists to watch out for their family.
In the spirit of our “Give Me 3” poster campaign, LACBC’s City of Lights program, in conjunction with the LA Department of Transportation and R.E.I., have debuted LA’s first-ever Spanish-language bike safety campaign. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the posters around town, as they’ll be appearing at a bus shelter near you.
Designed by artist and LACBC volunteer Aaron Kuehn (he of bicycle typogram fame) with the guidance of day laborers and City of Lights volunteers over several months, the PSA used colorful reds, blues, and yellows to really make the message pop out to motorists. It reads “PRECAUCIÓN: Tu familia tam­bién usa la bicicleta” (in English: “CAUTION: Your family also rides bicycles”) to remind everyone that people who ride bikes are your family (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively), and family comes first. Your actions can put your family in danger, so be careful out there and share the road.