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Rubber fetish: Schwalbe offerings

April 4, 2012

Cyclists can obsess about tyres; they represent the two small patches of contact between us and the road, without which, we can’t get too far…
I’ve got my hands on a few new Schwalbe tyres to keep me riding, so here’s some first impressions.
Touring Trio: Extreme, Mondial and Dureme
Adios XR, Hola Mondial
I’ve long been a fan of the venerable Marathon XR, the tyre of choice amongst long distance tourers for years. Nothing could beat it for big (I’m talking 10 000 km +) cross-continental journeys. It was the go-to tyre for anyone heading to Asia, South America or Africa, where reliability was paramount. Punctures were few and far between, and it just went on and on and on: the XR tread was near immortal...

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