Mexicans try two wheels to beat car culture

Mexicans try two wheels to beat car culture

Marco Ugarte/AP - A Mexican family ride their bicycles along Reforma Avenue, in Mexico City. Since May 2007, Paseo de la Reforma, one of the main avenues of the city, is closed to traffic and open only to bicycles and pedestrians on Sunday mornings.
Hey, honey, let’s go bicycling with the kids through downtown Mexico City! Just a few years ago, these would have been the words of a lone madman.
Today, bicycle riding in one of the world’s biggest cities is a popular way to get around, especially on Sunday mornings, when city hall shuts major throughways to auto traffic and gives the right of way to tens of thousands of cyclists (and a bunch of rollerbladers and joggers and dogs, too) who wend their way down grand commercial avenues and hard-bitten byways in a leisurely 14-mile loop.


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