Minoura LH-50 Besso - mount your light on the fork

Light holder for suspension fork

It's a good idea to mount a head light on the stanchion tube of suspension fork if you need a light but you don't wish the have it on handlebar and your bike is equipped with suspension fork.

Stainless band clip for Besso is the specially longer one. It accepts up to 38mm (1-3/8") diameter so it fits most suspension forks.

A similar device to have a room for light is available in the market. It's installed on the front axle instead of acorn nut.
But if you have hit something to this device, the front axle will be damaged and the hitting shock may cause serious accident. Also it could be possible that the nut becomes loosened due to the vibration while riding.

The body of Besso is made of glass wool reinforced nylon to resist against UV and rain.
The body diameter is 22mm (7/8") to accept every light for mounting on handlebar.