Ozon Cyclery Bamboo Bikes

Ozon Cyclery is commited to custom building beautiful and unique bicycles from earth friendly materials. From our home base in Berlin, a city full of inspiration, we strive not only to create new, innovative Ideas but also to refine them to the highest level possible. For the past 2 years we have been developing a new method for constructing Bamboo bike frames, allowing for improved stiffness and reduced weight. Our frames have been ridden thousands of kilometers, from Berlin to Paris, to the Baltic Sea and Poland. They are the daily ride of a number of couriers and commuters within Berlin itself. The bikes receive nothing but excellent reviews both for the amazing ride quality of Bamboo and for our custom geometry. The frames are made of TigerBamboo, (Phyllostachys pubescens boryana) with hand sculpted Flax fiber composite joints. They generally weigh in at about 1.75 Kilos and have a ride quality similar to high end steel, but with better vibration absorption. Bamboo also has excellent safety characteristics, much like steel.

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