Paper Bicycle

The Paper Bicycle

An introduction

Patrick Harvie MSP riding a green Paper Bicycle
A simple thing, done well. This beautiful bicycle celebrates the joy of cycling; A ride that is relaxed and nimble, a machine that just works every time you need it to, and a journey that leaves you comfortable clean and refreshed.

Enjoy the journey

The upright posture takes the weight off your hands, while the clever frame and fat tyres smooth out the road ahead. The mudguards and covered chain keep your clothes clean and dry, and the open frame makes getting on easy. All ready for a relaxed ride.


The frame design rewrites what a bike can be; The low center of gravity creates nimble handling, the oversized tubes give stiffness and strength, and the long seat mast smooths the bumps. There's even a handle to carry it, and an integrated kick stand.

Clean Machine

Big Apple tyres from Schwalbe resist punctures, while the chain, hub gears and hub brakes from Sturmey Archer are hidden from the dirt that destroys them. The hub dynamo powers LED lights, that are always ready to light the way ahead.

Hand made

We hand make these bicycles to order in Scotland; Choose any colour and design your own chain panel. Select either a single speed or 8 speed bicycle, with or without dynamo lights. Front basket, rear rack and child seats are all options.