Pedal To The People! On-site Cycle Repair

Are you finding it inconvenient to take your bicycle to the nearest shop for a repair or service? Dealing with an unexpected breakdown? Have a bike you need to sell, not sure where to start? Bought a bike on-line and don't know where to start when putting it together? These are just some of the reasons why customers call Pedal To The People


We specialize in high quality, on-site cycle services to all cycle machines including: repairs, sales, fleet maintenance, and maintenance training courses. Our goal is to provide the most personalized, convenient, affordable, easy, and pleasant bike repair experience possible.

On-Site Cycle Repair

On-site Cycle RepairOur service is unique. A highly skilled, professionally trained cycle mechanic travels to your home, organization or place of work by bike and sets up a comprehensive mobile workshop. Customers are always encouraged to watch and learn, ask questions and receive friendly advice. Minor repairs can be done on-site, even while-you-wait! There's no interrupting your training, no putting your bike in or on the car, and we perform the work more economically, since we don't support a building. If the repair can’t be done on site, we can collect your bike and return it fully repaired and ready to ride at a time convenient to you.
The service works beautifully and is hugely appreciated by cyclists since they are provided with a convenient and skilled service which helps keep them cycling and happy! Cyclists often report that they can wait for up to a month to be able to get their bike into their local bike shop and they have to take time out of their busy schedules to get there. Our customers are always astounded by the simplicity and practicality of our service.

Fleet Maintenance

We arrive with parts and a mobile workshop on board to deal with running repairs and services of your fleet bikes. Special arrangements can be made for bike repair day visits to business premises. Many companies and public authorities are discovering the benefits of keeping their employees fit and healthy. One of the best ways is to encourage cycling to work. Not only can it result in happier, more alert and productive staff, it is good for the environment too. Rates for an ongoing, regular service can be provided, or one-off visits and call-out services are available by arrangement.

Cycle Maintenance Training Courses

Cycle Maintenance TrainingA key part of our business is the teaching of cycle maintenance and servicing. We are experienced in training riders of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced urban road users, and can tailor courses for groups or individual lessons. Classes can be tailored to start and finish at any level and provide a mixture of hands-on work and demonstration. We provide all tools and spare parts required and the students bring their own bike to work on. Courses are flexible and can run at a time and for a duration to suit. Some examples of course content include: punctures; brakes; gears and bearings.


Need parts? Industry standard quality components and accessories are used and guaranteed for all jobs. We can also provide accessories and tools for those who are proficient enough to carry out their own repairs. If any parts need replacing during a repair, we'll contact you to advise of the cost.

A Way of life

Cycling - A Way of LifeWe are passionate about promoting and encouraging cycling in every way. This is why we are a completely car-free company. We believe that Chicagoans’ experience of their city is being transformed for the better by all the investment that is being put into the promotion of cycling. We are delighted to be a part of this growth by offering a truly sustainable mode of transport and we will not use motor vehicles in any part of our business. We recycle all trade waste where it can and use bio-friendly cleaners where possible. We pass on spare parts that are of no use to us, and provide cost-price tools to ethical, community and recycling ventures.