Portland Zombie Apocalypse Ride

When: June 17th, 2012 @ 10:30am
Where: TBD 
The Zombie Apocalypse Ride is a fun social Pedalpalooza ride. Come dressed up either as a ZOMBIE or a SURVIVOR. Prizes will be given to best ZOMBIE or SURVIVOR themed bike! Nerd out about zombies, learn something about disaster preparedness and have fun!
If you thought the idea of escaping the Zombie Apocalypse was the realm of just bikey Portland hipsters who like any excuse to put on a costume and ride around town…well, you’re wrong. A quick search on the internet and its obvious that many people non-bikey people have given using the bicycle as a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) some serious thought. Here’s just a few to get your brains thinking about prepping your bike for the ZA.