Ready to Roll: Cycling Chic [Momentum Mag]

Christine Laroche
Christine Laroche
I’d be hard-pressed to pinpoint exactly when a bicycle became a fashion accessory, but I do know exactly when the lightbulb went off in this fashion editor’s head, and when I fell in love with pedaling with the wind in my hair.

It may have been a timely tweet or an article shared on Facebook, but quite frankly, the details of how I stumbled upon the Cycle Chic network aren’t nearly as important as the fact that I did. I didn’t just stumble, I fell hard. I spent hours scrolling though page upon page of Euro-chic style-setters who brooded beautifully on their vintage rides, decked out in flawless ensembles.
This chance discovery happened just as I started riding Montreal, QC’s BIXI bike share bikes. But if this was going to be a feasible way for me to get around, it would have to suit my sense of style. Padded shorts and reflective vests weren’t going to fly.
Cycle Chic proved to me that biking wasn’t just a healthy, eco-friendly way to get around: It could become a part of my signature style. Of course, this isn’t a new way of thinking. When the bicycle was first invented, no one would have dreamed of wearing anything but regular attire to ride. It was a way of getting around, and if you wore heels and dresses every day – which a woman naturally would at the end of the 19th century – that’s what you rode in.