Legend has it, Steeplechase was one of the first names for Cyclocross. Riders would race from one town to another, cutting a straight line across the countryside. The town church's steeple would be the highest point, so they'd head straight toward it, riding through farmland, jumping over fences and wading though streams on their way. It took a tough bike to manage this kind of terrain and the cyclocross bike was born.
The Ritte Steeplechase is the intersection of tradition and contemporary thinking: it's handmade right here in Southern California with Enve Composites carbon tubing and KVA stainless steel. This stainless and carbon combination results in a stiff, light frame with the bright snappy quality of steel. There is no other frame like it, and its owner will not only have a beautiful, hand-made frameset with the traditional quality of steel, but a race-ready bike that can go head to head with all-carbon competitors. But it's not just the materials that make the Steeplechase so unique, its geometry is also forward-thinking. It features a low-bottom bracket and shorter rear-center for ultra-nimble handling around tight courses, and more road-like angles for a responsive ride. 
The Steeplechase comes in one of six stock sizes, but we can also make one custom for you. Options include a disc compatible version with an all-carbon Enve fork, rack mounts, and even horizontal dropouts and a belt drive for a single speed setup.
We currently have a small stock of Steeplechase frames available. To claim one for yourself, contact us or your nearest Ritte dealer.