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SBC American Way Bicycles™

Now you can OWN the urban bicycle of your dreams.
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Racks of high-quality urban bicycles stand on street corners in Paris – Montreal – and now Boston and Washington, DC – for "sharing". Wouldn't you rather OWN one? Private property, ownership and responsibility -- that is, after all, the American Way.
Now with SBC American Way bicycles, ShelBroCo is proud to put its reputation and influence behind the first attempt of its kind to restore the American Way to bicycling. Every bicycle deserves a loving home.
Through a unique arrangement with a major metals recycler, ShelBroCo has become able to acquire a growing number of so-called "bike-share" bicycles and offer them to private owners -- to YOU!
Rescued, refurbished and proudly rebranded!
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Each rescued ShelBroCo American Way Bicycle is decommissioned, and its serial number registered in an online database so there is never a question of unauthorized use. Any electronic surveillance device which might send information back to the bicycle’s former masters is removed, or reprogrammed. We  take your personal freedom very seriously!
Price depends on condition. Some of our rescued bicycles are in fine condition, but repainting them with this year’s naming rights would cost more than replacing them (imagine the waste!). Some have seen heavy use and will be released – at a reduced price - only to owners who can demonstrate repair skills. Yet other bicycles are beyond repair and must serve only as parts donors. (The remains of donor bicycles will be appropriately and respectfully set aside for return to the recycler.)