Simeli Crocheted Dress Guards

The dress guards are hand made and unique
therefore never exactly the same.

Wheel Size 28 inch
The dress guards are designed for use on a
Dutch ‘grannybike' with 28" wheels.
The dress guards will fit your bike if the fender
has a small edge on the inside and if the bike
has no rim brakes because there is only a hole
to accommodate the lock.

Wheel Size 24-26 inch
Several sets available
Model Ananda, Linde, Antoinette, Charlotte,
India, Emmeke, Ella and Jeannette.
If you are interested, please send an email for information.

The dress guards are crocheted of cotton yarn with glass beads.
(de luxe model Antoinette + charms =flowers)
(de luxe model Charlotte + charms=coins)

The dress guards will be attached by clips to the fender. See "Clips".

The clips can withstand all weather conditions.
After a rainy day the crochetwork will dry again like laundry on the line....