SleekSpeak: Wireless Speakers for Your Bike [Kickstarter]


Music moves us, but there is no good way to listen when you're on a bike.  Headphones are dangerous and boom boxes are clunky and awkward.
That’s why I designed SleekSpeak - a flexible way to get huge sound on a bike.  When you wirelessly connect to SleekSpeak, a high power speaker delivers full range music at over 80 dB, loud enough to conquer any traffic or wind.  A unique silicone rubber strap lets you slap it on anywhere on your bike quickly and easily. 
BIKES WEREN’T BUILT TO HAVE WIRES                                                                 Headphones always fall off when you‘re biking, ruining your rhythm and becoming a hazard.  Let SleekSpeak’s wireless technology set you free!  Connect to the speaker via bluetooth with your smartphone or MP3 player and start biking to the beat.  When you are riding with friends you can connect to their SleekSpeaks and become the DJ for your whole crew.
ANY BIKE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME                                                                                The SleekSpeak’s flexible rubber skin allows it to go where no other speaker can.  The stretchy strap gives it the ability to grab anywhere onto your bike, from the thinnest handlebars to a fat, non-cylindrical top tube.  The strap comes on and off with one tug, so taking your tunes with you is never a problem.  The rubber skin also makes SleekSpeak weather-resistant for those rainy days, and shock proof for when potholes are unavoidable.
EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TASTE                                                                  When it comes to your music or your bike, you have your own style.  Choose a color for the SKIN and TRIM of your SleekSpeak and give it a personality!
WHAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL HELP US DO                                                In addition to the $20K we've spent on developing SleekSpeak, we still need:
-$23K,  Injection Mold Tooling to Build the Body
-$22K,  Global Bluetooth Certifications
-$30K,  First Production Run for Kickstarter Backers


  1. That looks great, thanks for sharing! Anybody else on here have used them?


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