Solid Axle? Add a quick release with Axle Release

Position bicycle upside down. Using a wrench, remove and dispose of the threaded securing nut from one side of the axle (see ‘A’). Retain any safety washers in place. While holding the spacer snugly to the assembly, grasp such assembly with the lever in an open position. Place the threaded opening against the end of the axle and spin it slowly in a clockwise motion. While doing so, apply light pressure until contact is made against the bicycle frame by the spacer-usually 10-14 rotations (see ‘B’). (If the lever assembly does not thread on smoothly or appears to be the wrong size, STOP! Please refer to the “Differing Axles” section below.) While gripping the bicycle firmly, close the lever to its fully closed position (see ‘C’-‘D’). If the lever closes without resistance, reopen lever, spin the assembly further clockwise and reclose until firm and secure connection is found. Repeat processes for both sides of each wheel. Note: Do not perform this installation for both sides of the axle concurrently as axle may rotate. Always ensure proper installation prior to use by lifting the bicycle frame off the ground. While holding, strike the top of the inflated rubber tire with a few sharp blows. Sample test is good indication but does not guarantee proper installation has occurred.