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Shawn Slivinski was recently the victim of a head injury and is currently residing at an ICU in Columbus, OH.  Shawn lives a meager lifestyle by choice, is active in the community but is without health insurance. His extended stay in the hospital affects not only himself but everyone who knows him as a fellow gardener, barista, cook, local foods advocate, cyclist and friend.  

THE ACCIDENT:  Shawn was running a routine errand to the bank from his job as the manager of A Touch of Earth in the North Market.  A car door was opened in front of him sending him off course, wrecking his primary mode of transportation and causing his head to strike the pavement (on one of the rare days when he was not wearing a helmet).  He allowed an ambulance to take him to the hospital where his condition quickly deteriorated, he began to jumble his sentences and get tired.

HIS CONDITION:  Shawn has two skull fractures (which have been beneficial to the initial swelling), bleeding on four parts of his brain and bruising in two areas.  Luckily the brain swelling did not increase and after over four days of sedation doctors removed the brain monitor installed in his head.  His oxygen and blood pressure levels have not been ideal at times but are closely monitored by doctors.  He will be spending at least two more weeks in the hospital. *Update 4/26: Shawn is no longer on paralytic medication, he is still sedated and is heading in for minor surgery to install a filter to prevent blood clots. He currently has pneumonia which is common.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If you or a loved one has ever had to visit the hospital you know that the costs can be out of this world.  

    *Donate today (coming soon!) to help Shawn's recovery
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    *Sign up to make him a vegetarian meal when he returns home (see calendar below)
    *Stop by A Touch of Earth in the North Market to show your support
    *Look out for an upcoming fundraising event. 

                                    Every little bit helps.
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