Road Info

Trans-Canada Highway Travelling Itineraries
Here are some key features of our itineraries (see list below):
  1. Our itineraries detail over 3500 points along the highway
  2. Segment overview information, about what not to miss, particularly about the history, geology and nature. This gives you info on what to see & do between towns and cities
  3. Each segment includes and overview Google map, with a Satellite image option, that you can zoom in for more detail, as desired.
  4. We've added an elevation map for each segment, which ties in with the geological discussion, but is of special interest to those cycle-touring across Canada.
  5. Pop-up zoomed-in Google map for every point & exit from the highway, so you can better plan your trip
Here is a listing of Itineraries for a drive across the country. We also have a quick mileage (kilometer) chart.

Depending on how long you want to drive each day, which can be influenced, how much site-seeing you are doing, if you are driving with kids, or the weather and quality of roads, or the hours of sunlight at different times of the year.

The itineraries listed here are typically about 150 to 250 km (taking approximately 2 hours of driving time). You can choose one or more segments per day to suit your preferred pace. The itineraries are designed like bus schedules, with both eastbound and westbound distances on the same page, so you only need one set to the trip there and back.