Upcoming Electronic Recycling [Big Green Head]

Keeping Electronics from the landfill one community at a time!
We can take anything that plugs-in or charges for free* 

Crest Tavern- Fest at the Crest fundraiser
397 Crestview Rd, Clintonville
Friday April 20th 6pm-8pm
Benefits Simply Living

**Bishop Watterson H.S
Saturday, April 21st 8am-2pm
Benefits Watterson Choir and Band

Reynoldsburg H.S.
Saturday, May 12th 8am-2pm
Benefits Reynoldsburg Football program

Thomas Worthington H.S
Saturday, May 19th 8am-2pm
Benefits TWHS athletics

*Tube TVs $15, no appliances containing Freon
** Shred Day – Suggested donation: $5 for the first bag/box and $2 for each bag/box thereafter. Students keep 100% of the proceeds