VISIJAX®. World's Most Advanced Electronic Cyclewear.

Introducing VISIJAX®.

World's Most Advanced Electronic Cyclewear.

With integrated high intensity LEDs, motion-
activated signalling system iMASSTM, rainproof and breathable fabric, all-round ventilation and the conveniance of one-touch operation, Visijax® is the ultimate commuter cyclewear.

Visijax® is a revolutionary cycling jacket packed with the latest technologies and meticulously designed for you in
order to significantly enhance your visibility and safety on
public roads. Visijax® combines state-of-the-art technology
with traditional high visibility rainproof jacket design to join
the cause of making cycling easier and safer. Visijax® is
the best all-in-one cycling companion.

iMass™ Signalling System.

Visijax® introduces the notion of active signalling for cyclists through the revolutionary iMASS™ - integrated Motion Activated Signalling System.
Controlled by motion sensors on the arms of Visijax® and a central computer built into the battery pack, iMASS™ allows you to automatically activate the LED amber turning signals by simply raising your arms as cyclists normally do. This system makes signalling intuitive and visible in darkness to oncoming and following traffic.

Furthermore once the appropriate turning signal is activated, it stays on for 5 seconds-allowing cyclist to replace their hand onto the handlebar and concentrate on making a safe turning.

By making turning signals more visible, iMASS™ addresses the real difficulty and hazard faced by millions of cyclists when turning across fast moving traffic. iMASS™ is designed to make your commute easier, safer and better.