Vote local for Foundry Cycles contest!

Local cyclist from Worthington requests assistance. Name's Rod Hutton, and am in a national contest sponsored by Foundry Cycles to win a bike (nice high-end one at that). I'm a finalist in the Northeast Region of the United States, got there by essays and verbal responses, but now it's down to a contest with two other guys to get votes: one from NY and one from DC. One of us 3 will win the bike. I need your help to close the gap on the guy from DC. Go online to (below) and click on 'Vote Now'. Then log on to your Facebook account and when the vote screen appears scroll down to the Northeast Region and vote for the guy on the right side. Takes about 30 seconds. Contest ends April 30. Thanks for your assistance!! You can follow the contest yourself at the Foundrycycles site by simply clicking on 'Vote Now'.

[Vote Now]