Why Do Motorists Hit Cyclists & Run? Because 30 days is better than 4-8 YEARS!~ [Steve Magas Bike Lawyer]

By: Steve Magas, April 20, 2012
In Columbus, the end comes to a criminal case two years in the making. Amber Fernandez was sentenced in the hit/run death of Jeff Stevenson – instead of being punished for 4-8 years for killing Jeff Stevenson, she got THIRTY DAYS for running away.

On Feb 27, Ms. Fernandez plead guilty to one count of “Failure to Stop After an Accident” – a 3rd degree felony. She was sentenced yesterday to 30 days. You can read John Futty’s story in the Columbus Dispatch here – I have had the honor of representing Jeff’s Mom in the civil case – this sentence, frankly, makes me sick…
This case illustrates why folks hit… and run… Jeff was probably hit around 2-3am.  By the time Jeff’s body was found around 5am by a family, up early and on their way to move a family member to Georgia, it had already been a few rainy hours since the crash.  Any potential “crime scene” had been driven over by many cars. Police found some smashed bike and car parts at the scene, but little else was useable.  Of course, by running away Amber was able to avoid helping Jeff, or perhaps help make his last moments on earth more comfortable… but that’s another story…

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