Athens entrepreneurs celebrate life through biking [College Green Mag]

Cycle Path offers a number of bicycle options to fit the needs of all patrons. Photo by CG Photographer Brenna Hettler.
By Katie Foglia, CG Lifestyles & People
Across the world, bikes have become a dominant part of culture. For many, learning how to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage, and the old cliché, “you never forget how to ride a bike,” has become a euphemism for revisiting past experiences. Now, biking has become more than just a cultural statement: it is an eco-friendly way of life.
Whether for recreational or functional purposes, the benefits of riding a bike can be expressed in many ways. Biking can improve environmental and personal health, reduces traffic jamming and has economic rewards, among incentives. In Athens, people have recognized its importance.
Athens resident David West bought his first cycling bike when he was 13, and competed in his first race at age 41. He has since competed in races in Athens and Nelsonville. “Biking gives you the freedom of being a kid again,” West said. “For me, it’s like being at church.”