Box Dog Bikes - The BDB Pelican

The Pelican frameset is designed in house, and built exclusively for us since 2006 by Banjo Cycles in Madison, Wisconsin. The impetus to design the Pelican was our desire for a low trail bicycle that could be ridden in various conditions and terrain. The main criterion of the Pelican is to superbly carry a light to medium cargo load on the front of the bike, while maintaining a timeless and graceful appearance and ride.

Our inspiration for the Pelican comes from various aspects of cycling. We admire the speed and aesthetic of Japanese, Italian, British, and French track and road bikes. We also taken design cues from modern and classic constructeurs such as Rene Herse, Toei, and Alex Singer. More locally, we’ve seen and been influenced by friends who reconfigure classic road bikes with a basket on the front and mudguards over the tires.

Out of all this, the Pelican was created; a modern randonneur bicycle that embodies the design aesthetic and function of the classic constructeurs, with modern construction and materials, that will take you comfortably from city streets, to the open roads, and wooded trails.