Carry stuff on your handlebars with The Sling by Revelate

The Sling ™ is a dialed in setup for strapping stuff to your handle bars. Stable, simple and functional.
It provides solid direct bike to bag mounting and gives abrasion protection from shifters, levers and head tube for a light weight dry bag (like ours). A crown / head tube strap keeps things from swinging front to back.

Either of the pockets can easly cliped around the front for easy to little stuff. The small size is recommended.
-2 straps with dangle keepers sized for typical bikepacking sized loads
-adjustable height crown / head tube strap
- 2 velcro loops for keeping things in place when the main straps are unclipped.
-Stiff and Beefy fabric to protect the dry bag from metal to fabric wear spots.
-Bartacked everywhere