Columbus Bike Fancy: Josh Hipsher

Josh Hipsher loves his bike.
 That's a good thing, because Josh works via his bike.
 Josh makes a living mounting aluminum betwixt his legs while roving a Columbus of shortcuts.
 A messenger for BEST Courier,  Josh rolled up at the time and place we were supposed to meet and called out from the street asking if I'd like to accompany him on his run.. I glanced down at my newly-acquired fat-tire-mounted Salsa and replied, 
"I think I'm on my slow bike."
"You'll be fine."
Josh led me along easily to the Franklin County courthouse, calling out turns before we made them. As we locked up our bikes, he instructed me on leaving behind my pocket knife and Leatherman tool (we stashed them on the bike itself. I'm not telling you where, you kleptos). He then led me first through the x-ray conveyor belt (no beeping here, oh yeah) then a generic maze of legal hallways.
 All for a signature from a kindly middle-aged clerk. 

After the task was completed, Josh seemed elated and ready to let loose. Ready to ride hard.
 He led me through sharp twists and turns, up and downs, riding dirty (as he called it).
We ended our interview date with a short photo-shoot at the statehouse. 
He was so kind to answer a few short interview questions about his biking life as well.

    What kind of bike are you riding? Where did you get it?
       I’m riding a 2011 Kona Jake the Snake and I got it at Paradise Garage.

                                                                    Does he or she have a name?
She’s a “CROSS” dresser and goes out on the weekends with the name Stella but is normally named Jake.

                                  Bike accessory you can’t live without?
My bar-end mirror. It’s saved my butt(literally) multiple times since I got it.

4                                                                            Where do you ride? What’s your favorite route?
I spend the majority of my time riding downtown but I’d have to say that my favorite route is riding to Yellow Springs, OH. The route takes you through the scenic country-side of Columbus and it’s pretty amazing.

5.                                                                        What’s the most exotic/interesting/strange ride you’ve experienced?
I went on a bicycle tour to Austin, TX by myself last fall and it was incredible. I’d have to say the strangest day of riding had to have been the day I arrive in St. Francisville, LA. At the point, I had ridden nearly 1400 miles only seeing 3 cyclists on the road. I ended up stumbling upon a ride to raise money for MS and was instantly surrounded by dozens of cyclists. That was the strangest part of a ride just because of the awkwardness I felt as I went from feeling extremely alone to being flooded with people.

6.                                                                       What does Columbus NEED in reference to bikes, in your opinion?
Columbus definitely needs bike lanes on high street from Goodale all the way north to Clintonville but I think we could use a solid bike share program as well.


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