Columbus Bike Fancy: Rob Luikart


 Writhing my way around College Road the other week, I was strongly attracted to a dusky pink road ride bike racked near Weigel Hall. Already on a drudgerous errand, I swore to myself that I would take a closer look on my return trip.

  Later upon stopping, I immediately noticed the shining, well-maintained clean components on the well-used frame.
“This person loves their bike,” I actually murmured to myself.

So I draped a card containing my name and email over one side of the drop bars.

Rob Luikart answered my mysterious note, and the following interview ensued.

             What kind of bike are you riding? Where did you get it?
This bike is an eBay find. The model is Fiori Amalfi with a mix of Campagnolo Chorus and Record components. I wanted a new road bike and, in my opinion, nothing beats all vintage Italian in terms of style. I pieced it together over a 4 month period.
             Does he or she have a name?
I call it “Pretty Fiori,” Fiori being Italian for flower.
              Bike accessory you can’t live without?
Never having a bike with “ergo shifters” before, I don’t think I could ever go back. Not having to shift on the down-tube is so much more convenient! But more conventionally, my water bottle cage.
              Where do you ride? What’s your favorite route?
I recently got back from a bike trip to Cincinnati with a few friends. That was by far my favorite ride. (  But closer to Columbus, I enjoy riding to Granville, around downtown Columbus, and Upper Arlington. One of my favorite routes is from UA to campus, hitting a few “straightaways” to satisfy the sprinter in me.
               What’s the most exotic/interesting/strange ride you’ve experienced?
The ride to Cincinnati was all three!  It was very scenic and proved to be a good trip for photography. After reaching Cinnci, the hills provided a lot of entertainment. They were grueling going up, but very rewarding zipping down at top speed. It was interesting in that it was the first time I had ridden with a bike trailer. Camping out under the stars and then waking up just before sunrise to start riding was demanding but unforgettable.
              What does Columbus NEED in reference to bikes, in your opinion?
More awareness, I know everybody says this but I think it’s the most crucial thing. I do a lot of riding in Upper Arlington and it can be down right dangerous at times. Drivers need to understand that a bicycle is allowed to use the roadway and demands as much respect on the road as another vehicle. Moving your foot 6 inches from the accelerator to the brake pedal is little to no effort. Why risk someone’s life because you are slightly impatient?